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Thursday’s Child has far to go…Today I find myself in the distinguished (?) company of David Beckham, Bing Crosby, and Queen Catherine the Great of Russia; namely, it’s my birthday. Age: getting old. If you really want to know, a clue is the fact that Paris was rocked by massive riots and protests that started when I was just one day old.

I was born on a Thursday, so that makes this birthday a little bit more special. Tonight I’ll have a few pints with the guys in the office, then go home and play Bowie’s Thursday’s Child.

Yesterday’s big news for us here was the final go-ahead for the takeover of my company by another. I refuse to call it a “merger”, since my company will, in a technical sense, cease to exist. The brand name will carry on, along with huge chunks of the product range, and the chances that I will be out of a job are quite small. In general, here in the office it was a case of “and suddenly, nothing happened”.

I’ve got to be a bit more careful in my choice of music to play in the mornings. Yesterday I succeeded in recovering files from one of the MP3 CDs I created, from my own audio CD collection, shortly before moving to Ireland. I’ve lost quite a few, thanks to a dodgy batch of Samsung CD-Rs. One of the albums was Solitude Standing by Suzanne Vega, and I started listening to it this morning for the first time in more than 2 years. I forgot the effect that Ironbound and Fancy Poultry had on me; it was quite a job keeping my head up and my eyes dry on the crowded train.

fancy poultry, parts sold here,
breasts and thighs and hearts.
backs are cheap and wings are
nearly free…


Written by brian t

May 2, 2002 at 8:52 am

Posted in life, music, work

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