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Didn’t get around to playing Thursday’s Child last night, but that’s OK, I had some more “Solitude Standing” while walking to the station to get home from the pub. In The Eye seems to me to be the definitive “mission statement” on non-violent protest in its purest form, harking back to Mahatma Gandhi. Other interpretations I’ve seen talk about this song as a statement of resolution against a specific individual, e.g. a man who has wronged her, but I don’t agree at all. I won’t quote bits of it at you, rather go and read the lyrics here.Then there’s Night Vision, which struck me as a meditative observation of everyday things, with much to remind me of Zen Buddhism. I know that Suzanne Vega was a Buddhist for years, perhaps even at the time of this recording.

Lastly, for today, the title track, Solitude Standing. It’s the most “rock” track on the album, the one where she lets her accomplished backing band off the leash a little. I remember the accompanying video, which has the band striking various muso poses while Suzanne stands in the middle of it all, simply playing the guitar. The structure and mix of this song also convey this impression – of a moment in the eye of the storm while the world circles around you…


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May 3, 2002 at 8:56 am

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