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Just about to head home for the weekend – I’ve had a Bad Day, mostly down to one awful “customer”. I say “customer” in quotes, since the person in question purportedly works for the same company I do, but we definitely aren’t on the same wavelength, if even the same planet. There’s also a culture clash involved, since this guy lives and works in Abu Dhabi (no, really), chewing Khat, while I’m a Scot working in Ireland, tanked up to the gills on coffee. A recipe for friction if there ever was one.

Suffice to say that this bloke expects us to know exactly what’s happening inside a major server at a (big) customer’s site, while he drops us the occasional impersonal diagnostic report, and doesn’t even do what we ask, far less show any initiative towards solving the problem. My colleagues sympathize – we’ve all had dealings with this guy. It wouldn’t be so bad if major accounts weren’t relying on this guy…

Debating whether I should head to the pub for an after-work drink. I’m “lucky” in that my alcohol intake is self-regulating. This is partly because the more I drink the less well I feel, meaning I drink less. The other thing is that there are no drinks that I really like, meaning I lose interest in drinking as an evening passes. If I don’t have a reason to go to the pub, I avoid it. Tonight there may be some interesting conversation about the merger/takeover, so I’m leaning towards going.

Till next week…


Written by brian t

May 10, 2002 at 4:44 pm

Posted in work

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