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Well, it’s looking better than I had feared. My flight was one of those cancelled with no alternative arrangements on Thursday. They gave a phone number to call, and I got through to an agent after less than five minutes wait. I only need to be in Glasgow by Friday evening, but all Friday flights were full. She found me a place on the same 11AM flight as before, but leaving on Wednesday rather than Thursday, so I’ll be leaving for Glasgow tomorrow morning.

The hotel situation isn’t quite as rosy, though – when I called to extend my stay, the only guaranteed room was “disabled, smoking”. I’m not sure what “disabled” does to a room, except for the obvious (more handholds, space for wheelchairs), but I hope that “smoking” doesn’t mean that the whole room reeks of tobacco – curtains, carpets, etc. Ugh. It’s the same price, and I may be able to wangle something on arrival.

The extra day means I can definitely take a side trip to Edinburgh and Dunfermline, if I start early enough in the morning, probably Thursday. I’ll try and update this diary from a ‘Net cafĂ© during the week, otherwise, the next entry will be on Monday. Cheers…


Written by brian t

May 28, 2002 at 4:14 pm

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