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So far, so good. They have easyInternetCafes in Glasgow now, as well as London, so it’s cheap and easy to get online to update the site, if I don’t mind typing the HTML by hand. Not a problem, since I’ve made a point of keeping this site simple.About the AerLingus strike… services are definitely disrupted on Friday and Saturday, but as for Sunday, when I’m due to fly… I won’t know until closer to the time. If it falls through, there will be no point trying RyanAir from Prestwick as a backup, since they have no flights on Sunday, and tickets for both flights on Monday are currently at €120 and climbing, with Tuesday prices not far behind. I can probably get a train to Liverpool, then a ferry to Dublin – we’ll see what’s required.

Getting here was not much trouble – in fact the day started off better than expected, when I was able to catch the express train to Howth Junction for the airport bus, shaving 20+ minutes off the travel time. I had expected Dublin Airport to be a zoo, but the opposite was true – nearly deserted, there was less than 3 minutes wait for check-in, and no hassle there. After that, things took a slight downturn, when the flight was late leaving, and I had a little hassle at boarding when the attendant asked for my ticket. There was none, it was a ticketless flight, so I showed her the email. Her response was “if you want to change your flight, you need to go to the ticket desk”. I think she figured out her mistake right then, since she waved me through before I had time to answer. If there had been any problem with my booking, what was I doing with a valid boarding pass in my hand?

The flight left the gate about 20 minutes late, got halfway to the runway, then turned back, since there was a problem with the “door closed” sensor. An electrician looked at it, and we then carried on as before. He probably just bypassed the sensor – when I was an Instrument Technician at Highveld Steel (South Africa) all those years ago, we used to say “if in doubt, bridge it out!” I’m kidding, the aviation industry has higher standards… I hope.

I’m staying at the Travel Inn, Glasgow City Centre, which is OK, if a bit bland. It’s a bit out of the centre, but only because Glasgow city centre is so tiny by UK standards. It’s smaller than Coventry, but still larger than Birmingham, which is hardly a centre at all. It’s 5 minutes walk from Queen Street station, and in a good location for the Barrowlands, where the concert is.

As I wrote earlier, I was booked in a “disabled, smoking” room when I changed my reservation. Well, it’s a disabled room, with handles, alarm pulls, and greater than normal floor space. I could set up a full drum kit in there if required, that’s how much space there is. When I checked in, I was told it was a non-smoking room, which was fine by me. Unfortunately, it looks as if they’ve taken a smoking room and converted it to non-smoking, because I asked for it. There is a non-smoking sign placed on the desk, but there is also a vague tobacco smell, and fag ash on the window sill.

If I spent a lot of time in hotels, I would probably demand more character from hotel rooms, but since I only spend a few days a year in hotels, I don’t mind if the room is “a vacuum with a bed”, as I believe guitarist Robert Fripp has described some rooms he’s seen in his many years on the road.


Written by brian t

May 30, 2002 at 2:16 pm

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