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Friday 31 May 2002, 17:00

Well, my flight on Sunday is definitely off. Aer Lingus e-mailed to tell me that, and that I should forget trying to book anything until next Wednesday, and they’re not even sure about that. They’ve offered a full refund, which I’ll be taking them up on, and if they give me problems over that, they’ve lost a customer for good.

I’ve found a seat on a coach-ferry-coach service that goes via Stranraer and Belfast on Sunday, for a surprisingly low price, so I’ll actually save money if Aer Lingus play ball. The downside is a total journey time of over 9 hours, but broken up into 3-hour segments, so it shouldn’t get too monotonous. I’ve already got a book to read, and I’ll need to get another – not a problem. Sleep isn’t really an option – I can rarely sleep while travelling.

I may post another quick update before I leave, but if not, see y’all next week…


Written by brian t

May 31, 2002 at 5:31 pm

Posted in travel

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