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the fourth referee

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Here I am at home, with a pot of coffee, biscuits, and the TV on, about to watch the 2002 FIFA World Cup Final between Germany and Brazil. It’s just starting, and the first letdown is that Scottish referee Hugh Dallas didn’t get the final, but has instead been relegated to the “fourth official” role. The fourth official’s other main roles are to keep the team management in line, decide how much injury time to add on, and deal with any other queries. If anything happens to Pierluigi Collina, Dallas will take his place. I have no problem with Collina, though, you don’t get to referee a World Cup Final without being extremely good and experienced, and your whole professional record undergoes intense scrutiny beforehand. Once you’ve seen Collina, you never forget him – totally bald, with aquiline features and bulging eyes. He reminds me of one of the Mekons from the original Star Trek, the ones that gave me nightmares as a 3-year old.15 minutes in, and the Germans are being given more space than they’re entitled to, I can see a goal coming if this keeps up…

Half-time, no score, but near the end of the half the Brazilians started punching holes in the German midfield and finding only the goalkeeper in their way. At least three chances have gone begging, but Oliver Kahn continues to exert the powerful presence he’s shown all tournament. He’s just saved the Germans again, possibly injuring his hand in the process… no he’s OK, we think. Real “end-to-end” stuff, both sides making real goal chances.

66th minute, and Ronaldo has scored for Brazil, after a mistake by Kahn, who couldn’t quite hang on to the greasy ball.

77th minute, and this time Ronaldo has created a brilliant goal of his own, Germany are not likely to come back from this without really digging in and creating their own luck. These goals also give Ronaldo the “Golden Boot” award for highest scorer of the tournament. Compared to the histrionics he displayed at the last World Cup, this time he just got on and did what was asked of him. This also brings him level with Pelé as Brazil’s top World Cup striker, with 12 goals.

No, while Germany came closer and closer in the last few minutes, Brazil have won their fifth World Cup, the game ending 2-0. Considering Germany weren’t seriously expected to get anywhere near the final, this is a great achievement for coach Rudi Voeller, a former player himself. They were accused of being boring a few weeks ago, but got more interesting the longer they stayed in the tournament.

A great game, one of the best World Cup finals in years. Here in Ireland, it’s been football madness, with Ireland manager Mick McCarthy, in particular, all over the media, once the Roy Keane fuss had died down. The people I work with are drawn from all across Europe, and all games were shown in our canteen, using a projector, so most lunchtimes were a little excitable. Even I’ve enjoyed a few games, especially interesting ones such as the final.

Still, thank goodness it’s all over, eh?


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June 30, 2002 at 11:57 am

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A week after seeing the doc, my ear seems to be a little better. It’s still internally gummed up, but the tinnitus has abated to the point where I can actually listen to music through headphones at a reasonable volume, and walk around without the earplug. It’s still annoying, I’m still half-deaf and acting like Dickens character. “Hah? Whazzat? Wait a minute, let me turn my good ear to point at you…”I effectively have a weekend off, the only obligation I have is to go and check out prices of ferry / train tickets. I can’t see how to book a combined ticket online, so it means venturing to the Dun Loaghaire Ferry Terminal, where I got a ticket 2 years ago.

Hot on the heels of the Worldcom scandal, there are also major concerns about Xerox, who are restating $2bn of earnings, but are being dogged by reports that the correct figure is more like $6bn. WTF?

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June 28, 2002 at 3:55 pm

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the round sound

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I read the news today, oh boy… about John Entwistle, the bassist for The Who, who died yesterday, in Las Vegas. Here’s the report from BBC News. He died literally the day before The Who were to kick off a US tour, and John was also exhibiting his art in a gallery there. All that Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey have said so far is “The Ox has left the building – we’ve lost another great friend. Thanks for your support and love. Pete and Roger”.What to say about John Entwistle and his influence on my instrument of choice, the electric bass? I think it’s enough to say that a little part of him will be there every time I play; specifically, in the strings. I use roundwound strings, as do most electric bassists today, and John was directly responsible for their use in this context.

In the late 60’s, he pressed the James How company, makers of Rotosound strings, to make them available for the bass, in preference to the flatwounds in use at the time. Roundwounds were already in use on pianos and guitars, but there had been justifiable concern that they would lead to fret damage on basses. They were right, but the price is worth paying for the sound, and the frets themselves have since been hardened to compensate. This combination of elements forms the foundation of the modern electric bass sound.

They were soon adopted by other leading bassists of the time, including Chris Squire, Stanley Clarke, and Paul McCartney. You can hear the difference they made to McCartney’s sound if you compare some later Beatles songs such as Paperback Writer (using flatwounds) with Wings’ Silly Love Songs – he used his Rickenbacker on both songs, but roundwound strings on the latter. As for Squire, well, his upfront sound required such strings in the first place.

This is a real loss. It’s going to take me some time to get my head around this. I think I’ll be playing a bit more bass than usual this weekend: that’s the best way I can think of to say “Thank You” to The Ox.

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June 28, 2002 at 7:47 am

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Oh, bloody marvellous. I’ve just been reading about the WorldCom accounting scandal. It’s similar in concept to the Enron scandal, and the same accountants (Arthur Andersen) were involved, but the financial impact is six times the size of Enron’s. They’ve been mis-stating expenses, calling them investments – not exactly an obscure technicality, is it? BBC News has a sobering report on the impact of all this on the world market in general.
This would not be a good time to lose my job, but it appears as if our department is self-sizing itself anyway. On Friday, we’re losing the third person this year to date, while last calendar year we took on two and lost none. Factor in the critical function we perform in our regional support structure, and I don’t see much danger to my job. If something happens, it’ll be out of the blue, flying in the face of business logic.

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June 25, 2002 at 12:45 pm

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unidentified fife objects

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In my quasi-hypochondriac torpor, I forgot to mention that I managed to find a TechAir Toronto case for the new Compaq notebook. Not their flashiest model, and I might have preferred their New York model, had I found one in the right colour, but they only had the gaudy silver model here. If I’m going to take this setup all around England next month, it had better be discreet and effective, I don’t fancy getting mugged in London. In any case, Toronto is one of my favourite cities, where I might end up living one day.

Saw this report from Reuters yesterday – according to calculations, Scotland has the highest number of UFO sightings per unit area. This is not very complimentary about the Scots, if the USA experience is anything to go by. Bill Hicks did a famous routine, which appears on Relentless, about “hillbilly aliens” landing in Fife, Alabama, and being welcomed by gun-toting hicks. Maybe that should read Fife, Scotland?

“Would you let the aliens land, please? They might be here to pick me up.”

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June 25, 2002 at 8:42 am

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ear presumption

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Well, it appears to be an ear infection. The doc called it a “presumptive diagnosis”, meaning that’s what he’s presuming it is. If it doesn’t clear up under antibiotics, I’ve got to go back, meaning another €40 charge, which needs to be paid there and then. (Here in Ireland, doctors expect cash up front, or at least before you leave the building.) At least the guy admitted he didn’t know – I’d rather have that than the usual “we know exactly what the problem is” bullshit.So, I’ve had to explain to everyone I meet that I’m not wearing an earplug to shut them out, but because a) I can barely hear anything through that ear, and b) anything that does get through is painful.

I’m on Distaclor and Stemetil. I’m seeing the Stemetil (USA: Compazine) specs for the first time now, and it appears to be a tranquilliser that is used in treating chronic nervous and mental disorders, including schizophrenia, and also helps in cases of nausea and vertigo associated with ear problems, which is where I come in. So far the pills have had no effect on my ear – it’s getting worse, if anything, starting to become painful.

The list of Stemetil side effects is quite frightening. I was warned about avoiding alcohol or sunlight, but I wasn’t told that it could react with antihistamines. I should have been, since it’s hay fever season, and the doc asked whether I suffer from it. I do, but I’m not taking any medication for that, just living with it. It can also cause low blood pressure and dizziness. Between all the side effects, I could have conked out on the train on Saturday, as I was shopping for a case for my new notebook. So I’m not going to complete the course of those, but keep some aside for later. I have been known to get carsick (but not seasick or airsick), so they might help then.

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June 24, 2002 at 8:37 am

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a mien ache

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Leaving work early to go to the doctor – there’s something very wrong with my right ear. It may be just wax, but if so, it’s getting bigger by the day, and is now pushing on my inner ear, causing tinnitus. We’ll see.

Today’s culinary cock-up: “chow mien“. A mien refers to someone’s bearing or attitude, perhaps as a reflection of inner turmoil. I’m not sure I want that in my lunch…

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June 21, 2002 at 3:35 pm

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