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Sunday 2 June 2002, 10:00

Well, I’m about to get on the bus for a 9-hour trip back to Dublin. It’s a good thing I have work to do, especially my engineering course assignment. I don’t have all the books with me, so I’m not sure how far I can get. This course makes me feel like Homer Simpson sometimes – “every time I learn new stuff, it pushes some old stuff out!”

Yesterday I found a copy of American Scream by Cynthia True, the biography of the late Bill Hicks, with the intention of reading some of it on the bus. American Scream is gripping stuff – a portrait of a young man whose mind was so open that all sorts of crap fell in, then he spent the rest of his life puking it back up on stage. This is someone who spent his early years totally against drugs, alcohol, tobacco and fast food, then did a complete 180 and went over the top, especially with the mushrooms. Oh, those mushrooms.

The book is something of a whitewash, portraying Hicks’ drug experimentation as harmless and glossing over his love of pornography, but the book has enough detail to give one a vicarious “schadenfreude” thrill – “there, but for the grace of {insert deity here}, go I”. I finished it last night, so I’m back to my work and Richard Dawkins’ Unweaving the Rainbow, which I think I’ve read before, for the trip. Well, there’s always the “Sunday Doorstop” if I get bored. Back to work tomorrow, so if my recent entries need cleaning up, they’ll have to wait until then…


Written by brian t

June 2, 2002 at 9:33 am

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