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This is what surrounds me today:

  • a pile of ripped-off cartoons from last year’s Dilbert calendar
  • some Post-Its
  • CD catalogue from RS
  • IBM Gigabit Interface Connector (GBIC), long-wave (too expensive to leave lying around, stupid person)
  • one dead 9V Duracell
  • Zio USB CompactFlash Reader with a couple of cards
  • to go with my old HP Jornada 545 in its cradle (OK MP3 player)
  • box of Twinings Selection Herbal Infusions (tea bags)
  • keyboard, Compaq, old & heavy with great keys
  • gel wrist rest
  • a disposable pen stamped with the Microsoft Windows XP logo
  • roll of generic sticky tape
  • “office” PC (Compaq Deskpro SFF) running Microsoft Windows 2000 and far too many applications
  • Scholl Odour Control Foot Spray
  • odd-shaped plastic pen holder (empty)
  • laptop mains cable, with no PSU attached (it’s at home with the laptop)
  • Fisherman’s Friends original extra strong (nearly empty)
  • various Euro coins, and a few obsolete Irish ones too
  • monitor, DEC, 21-inch
  • more Post-Its
  • tea coaster from “online classics”
  • multi-line phone which thankfully almost never rings, and if it does, the caller sometimes lives to regret the error;
  • Scottish flag, made by a USA company, in China, a souvenir of my Glasgow visit
  • sugar sachets (in case spoon doesn’t stand up straight in coffee)
  • Scout keyboard/video/mouse (kvm) switchbox
  • empty 1 litre glass juice bottle, used for tea
  • stapler
  • empty Coke can
  • postcard from aya sushi
  • binder with various storage training bits
  • huge coffee mug with “Fred” cartoon
  • empty box that my bike helmet came in
  • paper towels, in case of spillage
  • ancient “lab” PC (pentium 133), gently running Red Hat Linux 7.3
  • 2-hole punch
  • Wrigley’s Orbit Ice White chewing gum
  • RTFM” in 480-point type on Landscape A4
  • yet more Post-Its
  • shoulder bag holding wallet, keys, and various bits


  • American Scream
  • The Dilbert Principle
  • Dutch in Three Months
  • Dublin Street Atlas
  • Netware for Dummies (Quick Reference)
  • VBScript Programmer’s Reference
  • Unix Fundamentals training material
  • Visions of Technology, edited by Richard Rhodes

Written by brian t

June 17, 2002 at 2:10 pm

Posted in humour, work

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