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Well, it appears to be an ear infection. The doc called it a “presumptive diagnosis”, meaning that’s what he’s presuming it is. If it doesn’t clear up under antibiotics, I’ve got to go back, meaning another €40 charge, which needs to be paid there and then. (Here in Ireland, doctors expect cash up front, or at least before you leave the building.) At least the guy admitted he didn’t know – I’d rather have that than the usual “we know exactly what the problem is” bullshit.So, I’ve had to explain to everyone I meet that I’m not wearing an earplug to shut them out, but because a) I can barely hear anything through that ear, and b) anything that does get through is painful.

I’m on Distaclor and Stemetil. I’m seeing the Stemetil (USA: Compazine) specs for the first time now, and it appears to be a tranquilliser that is used in treating chronic nervous and mental disorders, including schizophrenia, and also helps in cases of nausea and vertigo associated with ear problems, which is where I come in. So far the pills have had no effect on my ear – it’s getting worse, if anything, starting to become painful.

The list of Stemetil side effects is quite frightening. I was warned about avoiding alcohol or sunlight, but I wasn’t told that it could react with antihistamines. I should have been, since it’s hay fever season, and the doc asked whether I suffer from it. I do, but I’m not taking any medication for that, just living with it. It can also cause low blood pressure and dizziness. Between all the side effects, I could have conked out on the train on Saturday, as I was shopping for a case for my new notebook. So I’m not going to complete the course of those, but keep some aside for later. I have been known to get carsick (but not seasick or airsick), so they might help then.


Written by brian t

June 24, 2002 at 8:37 am

Posted in medical

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