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unidentified fife objects

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In my quasi-hypochondriac torpor, I forgot to mention that I managed to find a TechAir Toronto case for the new Compaq notebook. Not their flashiest model, and I might have preferred their New York model, had I found one in the right colour, but they only had the gaudy silver model here. If I’m going to take this setup all around England next month, it had better be discreet and effective, I don’t fancy getting mugged in London. In any case, Toronto is one of my favourite cities, where I might end up living one day.

Saw this report from Reuters yesterday – according to calculations, Scotland has the highest number of UFO sightings per unit area. This is not very complimentary about the Scots, if the USA experience is anything to go by. Bill Hicks did a famous routine, which appears on Relentless, about “hillbilly aliens” landing in Fife, Alabama, and being welcomed by gun-toting hicks. Maybe that should read Fife, Scotland?

“Would you let the aliens land, please? They might be here to pick me up.”


Written by brian t

June 25, 2002 at 8:42 am

Posted in humour, scotland

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