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Oh, bloody marvellous. I’ve just been reading about the WorldCom accounting scandal. It’s similar in concept to the Enron scandal, and the same accountants (Arthur Andersen) were involved, but the financial impact is six times the size of Enron’s. They’ve been mis-stating expenses, calling them investments – not exactly an obscure technicality, is it? BBC News has a sobering report on the impact of all this on the world market in general.
This would not be a good time to lose my job, but it appears as if our department is self-sizing itself anyway. On Friday, we’re losing the third person this year to date, while last calendar year we took on two and lost none. Factor in the critical function we perform in our regional support structure, and I don’t see much danger to my job. If something happens, it’ll be out of the blue, flying in the face of business logic.


Written by brian t

June 25, 2002 at 12:45 pm

Posted in economics, work

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