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It’s lunchtime in America, and there have been no major Fourth of July incidents so far. Let’s hope it stays that way.

Speaking of America, I accidentally found myself re-watching LA Confidential last night. Now, there’s a movie. I put the DVD on to watch just the “making of” documentary, but I couldn’t stop there. Critics of the USA should watch this one; the USA is not blind to its own faults and its history, and that means there’s hope for its future. Interesting to watch the “making of” interviews, where James Ellroy, the author of the book, comes out in favour of the movie, and I agree. The book is sprawling and undisciplined, while the Oscar-winning screenplay keeps all the characters and tightens up the major plotlines. Whole subplots are missing, but you wouldn’t honestly miss them in a movie.

Why am I at work this late? Well, a contract customer called in with a weird problem that we had to try to explain. In some cases, the customers are just plain barking, and I’m constantly glad to be “off the phones” in “Level 2 Support”. In this case, though, the customer wasn’t seeing things. We were able to see the same oddity on our own “reference” setup here, and I couldn’t explain it away. It’s on of our longest-selling products too, so I’m surprised this bug hasn’t been seen before. Weird.


Written by brian t

July 4, 2002 at 6:48 pm

Posted in america, movies, work

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