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Back at the EasyEverything web cafe for another update, with a keyboard even worse than the last. Not only is the space bar malfunctioning, the right cursor key and the whole top numeric row are offline. Go on, bring it on, I can take it.

A nice couple of days of sweltering weather here in London, well over 30degC at times. Did most things I planned, but didn’t get to see the Tate Modern, since it shut at 6PM today – why? Today was extremely hazy, like being inside a cloud, no risk of sunburn. It tried to rain a bit, but we all ignored it and it went away.

The overarching theme of this trip has been the revisiting of my old stomping grounds, including Muswell Hill. I started at Highgate tube station, then wandered through Highgate Wood. I forgot what it could be like in Summer – loads of mothers and nannies, an average of 3 kids per adult. After that, it was no surprise to find that the Muswell Hill coffee shop had turned into a Starbucks – they’re taking over London, it’s much worse than I saw in New York a year ago. From there, through Alexandra Park to Alexandra Palace, the site of the world’s first proper TV facilities, including studios and broadcast tower. Then down the hill into Wood Green, in London’s multicultural Tottenham borough. The shopping centre there has a bargain stall section where I used to stock up on cheap empty calories (in the form of exotic snacks) when I was unemployed, Finally, down Wood Green High St. towards Turnpike Lane tube. I had never done that walk in one piece before, since I lived in Muswell Hill, but it presents a neat microcosmic slice of North London life.

I’ll almost certainly head back to Dublin tomorrow – no reason to stay longer. I have a couple of musical toys to try out: an Alesis AirFX, and a TL Audio FAT-1 preamp & compressor, both found at very nice prices, well below those quoted in the reviews, too. Also, I found a Nikon CoolPix 880 digital camera, for way under half-price, which is how I took the picture yesterday. It’s called “refurbished”, but I think it was returned because it has one dead pixel in the monitor (boo hoo). Which has no effect whatsoever on the camera’s functionality or the quality of the results. So, you’ll be seeing more pictures on this site, even in this Blog.

Not much more will be happening here until 7 August, when I get back to work. When I get back to Dublin, I’ll spend 6 days doing as little as possible, perhaps a bit of writing, maybe some engineering course work. I don’t have a land-line, nor a mobile phone, so I’ll be basically un-contactable. You need something from me? Tough titty, I’m on holiday. Bye.


Written by brian t

July 30, 2002 at 9:19 pm

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