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I subscribe to the Heavens Above service on my PDA, and it said I would see an Iridium Flare tonight, just a few minutes ago. I don’t have a compass, so I wasn’t sure of the bearing, but I could hardly miss it. See here for more on Iridium Flares, what they are and why they happen.

Today I bought Getting Away With It by James, the DVD of their final concert with singer Tim Booth in the lineup. I had some concerns when I heard that former members Andy Diagram and Larry Gott were joining the already 7-strong band on stage, and I’d also been worried that this concert would be overly sentimental, since Tim was leaving.

I saw James at Dublin’s Olympia Theatre in December 1999, and Tim Booth was all over the place, at one point climbing up the speaker stacks onto the balcony, not missing a note on the way. This new DVD has them playing in Manchester’s largest arena, which the band somehow shrank down to theatre size through sheer energy. Never mind Elvis, this is music.

In short, I needn’t have worried at all. They sounded wonderful, emotional, pretentious, soulful, accomplished, mad-as-a-hatter, and fun. I rate this DVD an essential purchase, and you don’t need to be from Manchester to get into it.

For Tim Booth to leave James is a blow on the order of Fish leaving Marillion – extremely serious, but one they can bounce back from with hard work, perseverance, and not a little luck. I’m sure we all wish them well.


Written by brian t

August 17, 2002 at 10:42 pm

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