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Three items are all over the news this morning:

  1. Police in England said last night that they’re nearly certain that two bodies found by joggers are those of two 10-year-old girls missing for two weeks. At this time a motive is unknown.
  2. Eastern Europe is starting to recover from the worst flooding in centuries, with some parts still seriously inundated.
  3. Pope John Paul II winding up what will probably be his last visit to his native Poland. 3 million people turned out to see him do Sunday Mass.

The connection? Millions of people turn out to pay obeisance to a notional deity, who can’t take care of “details” such as floods, or keeping children away from murderers. I don’t have kids, and sometimes laugh at the constant cries of “protect the children!” emanating from the USA in particular. Kids aren’t corrupted by every little tasteless thing they see, are often smarter than we give them credit for, and they need to be ready for the real world. But this is not evolution in action, because those responsible for this crime will not pay the full price. The world is a senseless place because it is full of senseless people. Good morning.


Written by brian t

August 19, 2002 at 7:10 am

Posted in philosophy, religion

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