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Just a mad day at work… I’m becoming the EMEA-wide contact for a major software issue, which is affecting customers, but thankfully not seriously. It could be considered cosmetic, except for the scale of the problem. Basically, a piece of our storage management software is logging thousands of false errors in the Windows 2000 event logs, effectively flattening them, wiping out all other errors, depending on their log size settings. On an affected system here I bumped the log allocation up to 100MB of disk space, and one “event” is logging about 80MB worth of messages in the space of one minute. This is happening every four hours, almost exactly. What brought this on? Installation of Microsoft Windows 2000 Service Pack 3, which became available about 2 weeks ago. Here we go again…

I’m currently thinking “I want a drink”, but do I? What I want is to relax, and I seem to be associating that with drinking. Which makes sense, because I’m not into long or heavy drinking sessions. But I’m not going to have a drink, I’ll find another way to relax.


Written by brian t

August 20, 2002 at 5:12 pm

Posted in technology

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