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In my links list on this page, you’ll find a link to the official website of the band Dream Theater, who I’m quite a fan of. Their music is a bit difficult to explain to a fan of everyday pop or rock music, but I’m far from alone in liking them. Besides the USA, they sell out every European tour they undertake. It might help to explain a little of how they got to where they are now.

They started off on Long Island in the mid-80’s as a bunch of shredders, i.e. guys who play fast and furious just because they can. As time went by, and they absorbed other influences, their music became more diverse and complex, and they have moderated the shredding side a bit. (But not too much, thankfully!)

Now they’re all over the place stylistically. Short songs, long songs, multi-part conceptual compositions, ballads and death metal, it’s all in there. As I described before (re Smashing Pumpkins), I appreciate the need for dynamics in music, and Dream Theater know what I mean.

I’ve already seen them once this year, in London in January. When they announced two nights in London in October, I immediately booked both nights, because they have a history of turning double-headers into special occasions. There are a few on this current tour, their second visit to Europe this year, and they have stated in advance that they play different sets on the two nights. On the second night they will be doing something unique to them: they take another band’s classic album, learn it, and play it in its entirety. Not many bands would want to do this, and fewer could, but I understand it’s an amazing thing to hear.

So, I have tickets for the London gigs, great. The thing is, they later added a Dublin gig, two days ahead of the London gigs. I have a ticket on the way for that, too. So, I will be seeing the same band three times in four days. Let’s see if I still like them after that..!


Written by brian t

August 21, 2002 at 12:13 pm

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