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I’ve been re-reading my book of Frasier scripts again on the train to and from work, at the risk of snorting laughter at odd moments. Sample dialogue:

Frasier: What do you do when the romance goes out of a relationship?
: I get dressed and go home.
Frasier: Let’s pretend you were actually capable of a long-term relationship. What would you do to keep things cooking?
Roz: Well, once I had a boyfriend take me out to a bar and we pretended we were strangers picking each other up. That was kind of hot.
Frasier: So you used fantasy and role-playing.
Roz: Yeah, it was so much fun we tried it again. Only that time he got so into it he went home with someone else.
Frasier: Sorry.
Roz: Oh hell, she was gorgeous. One more drink and I would’ve gone home with her.


Written by brian t

September 24, 2002 at 9:05 pm

Posted in humour, television

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