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I’m finally getting round to watching Some Like It Hot, which I taped from TV about 6 weeks ago. I’m taking the Internet Movie Database Top 250 Films as a provisional guide for the essential films I should see, and I’ve currently seen 121 of the list I have from 2 weeks ago, some so long ago I might be imagining some and missing others. The list keeps changing, so this project will never be complete.

Highlights from Some Like It Hot (#32), while they’re fresh:

  • a hearse with a coffin full of bootleg whiskey pulling in to “Mozarella’s Funeral Parlor”;
  • “Daphne” (Jack Lemmon) playing the wrong side of the bass, being too busy watching Marilyn Monroe from behind;
  • “Do you use a bow, or do you just pluck it?” “Most of the time, I slap it!”
  • “If I was a girl…and I am…”
  • Tony Curtis and his accent reversing across the harbour to the yacht.
  • “Water Polo? Isn’t that terribly dangerous?” “I’ll say, I’ve had two ponies drowned under me.”
  • “Real diamonds? They must be worth their weight in gold…”

I find enough to watch on the four Irish terrestrial channels as it is, so I don’t think it’ll be a good idea to get any more channels on cable or satellite.


Written by brian t

October 13, 2002 at 10:28 pm

Posted in humour, movies

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