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I’m debating whether I should write a combined review of the three Dream Theater concerts I went to last weekend, rather than describe them in this blog. I’ll get back to the topic later. In the meantime, you can find plenty of concert info on the message board starting at

My trip to London went smoothly, with the exception that I picked up a cold which pretty much ruined Tuesday, since I was too tired and aching to do much. I probably picked it up on Saturday, the only day I experienced really crowded Tube conditions, where someone could have breathed on me. I already seem to be shaking it off, so no cause for concern there.

The hotel (Jury’s Inn Croydon) was very nice, if businesslike, no chocolates on the pillows or such. Transport to and from London was less of a problem from Croydon than it was on my previous visits, from Docklands, Wandsworth, or Swiss Cottage. I even tried out the new Tramlink system which links Croydon to Wimbledon and elsewhere. I was sat at the front of the tram, and had a bit of a fright when the tram hit something, smashing into the floor under my foot. The most likely explanation was an animal, probably a dog. The tram didn’t stop, of course.


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October 23, 2002 at 10:39 am

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