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the boys in the bayou

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Where does the time go? This working week has been slightly mad, though not too heavily loaded, thankfully. The move is complicating matters, of course. Yesterday I changed my rent payment arrangements at the bank, and today my kolleague Kurt kindly karted a karload of krap, and I, up the hill from Blackrock to Clonskeagh in the Dublin area. It was quite a big car too, so that pretty much broke the back of the move. I’m still in Blackrock, with the laptop and a few books for company. No problem.

Another colleague lent me the DVD of Southern Comfort, which I’d never seen before tonight. It’s apparently an allegory for the Vietnam war, but featuring a bunch of National Guard “weekend soldiers” dropped in Louisiana to play war games. It’s almost a joyride for them, but when one playfully fires M16 blanks at the Cajun locals, things go rapidly downhill. There are obvious parallels with another famous “city boys in the bayou” film, Deliverance, and there are even similar shots of pigs being butchered. I can’t quite recall how realistic Deliverance was, but Southern Comfort gets pretty realistic here, killing real pigs with real bullets and butchering them with real knives, while next door whole families dance the night away.


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November 6, 2002 at 11:06 pm

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