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I’m up for a trip to Nice in France in early December, for a training course on Vmware ESX. I’ve done some work with Vmware GSX (the Windows Server version), but ESX is based on Linux and is a self-contained OS optimized for virtual machine use. It’s in-house, so it won’t cost us directly, though the trainers will be from Vmware themselves. All my boss needs to do is authorize the travel and accommodation expenses, and I’ll be off.

I’ve been to that part of the world before, for an IBM-sponsored IT conference, back when I did IT journalism in 94-96. Because I was a last-minute addition, IBM found a room in the Majestic Hotel in Cannes, the one where all the top film stars stay. Must have cost them a fortune, even in the off-season. The room was not big, but was on a high corner with a great view over the bay.

The conference was in Cannes, but by lunchtime on the second day I was sick of sitting in a stuffy conference room, and headed for the beach. A couple of hours later I was more chilled out that I had been for ages, and nearly forgot to head for Nice airport to catch my flight back to London. I managed to collide with a revolving door at the airport and break my specs, which gives you some idea of how “not there” I was.

This time I’ll be heading to the Sophia Antipolis tech park near Valbonne, which is a little inland from Nice, but I’ll have to make time for the beach and some art exhibitions. And a visit to Cannes too.


Written by brian t

November 14, 2002 at 11:08 am

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