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Oh, bloody hell. I shouldn’t watch shows like E.R. Tonight they showed the first episode of the new series, the one where the whole hospital is evacuated due to a suspected Smallpox outbreak, several quarantined staff go stir-crazy, and a senior doctor gets his arm chopped off by a helicopter tail rotor and then re-attached. We follow one of the former doctors, now working in her native England, who decides to return to Chicago, but takes the wrong train. Unless American film crews think that one gets from central London to Heathrow by taking a Great North Eastern train from St. Pancras, that is?

I mean, I’ve only been to New York once, but even before that I knew the difference between Penn St. and Grand Central, and that you get to Newark airport via the Port Authority bus terminal, and to JFK using the Subway out to Queens. No, American film companies just don’t get London – see Sliding Doors for another example. Better yet, don’t.


Written by brian t

December 2, 2002 at 12:29 am

Posted in america, television

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