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Weird coincidence of the week: I’ve been listening to the Pixies a bit recently, getting into them for the first time, as well as David Bowie’s new album, Heathen. The latter is growing on me, and I was surprised to hear the extensive contributions by one of my favourite guitarists, David Torn. I knew he was on the album somewhere, but he’s clearly underplayed his role in interviews, being a major contributor to the album’s sound. After that I went back to the Pixies’ Surfer Rosa, and was surprised to hear a song Bowie had been singing shortly before – Heathen includes Bowie’s version of the Pixies’ Cactus. Not bad, and I know DB is on good terms with Frank Black, who sang at Bowie’s 50th Birthday concert along with Robert Smith, Foo Fighters, Billy Corgan and many more.

The course is pretty heavy going, and we’re running very late despite covering the ground very quickly. Not surprising, considering the sheer volume of material to cover. Tuesday’s hours were 08:00 – 21:00, and then we went to a local pub for food & drink. We got off relatively lightly today, I actually managed to get home by 19:00. Tomorrow’s going to be another long one. I mustn’t forget to download some bus schedules for Nice <-> Valbonne, for next week. This laptop has been a great help through this course, with the wireless card, the combination is keeping me on line all day, though with little time to type. I’ve even got the instructor using SatScape, since he’s also interested in tracking satellites. I showed him the position of the International Space Station with the Space Shuttle docked, and he said “I thought they undocked this morning”. Sure enough, I got the latest orbital Kepler Element data (Keps), and we could see that they had just separated. Neat.


Written by brian t

December 4, 2002 at 8:35 pm

Posted in music, science, space, travel

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