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flight the 13th

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Is it wise flying on Friday 13th? We shall see. We’re almost an hour into a 2½ hour flight from Nice to Dublin, and I’ve just finished struggling with one of Aer Lingus’ indifferent Chicken & Stuffing sandwiches. I won the battle, but we’ll see who wins the war. I don’t know whether Aer Lingus does “Business Class”, but they aren’t doing it on these flights to Nice. Either that or no-one’s taking then up on it, since the first few rows are curtained off but empty. If I had Internet access on board, I could update the site now, and that is coming in the next year, if the reports from Boeing are reliable. I can’t wait to see how they price the service.

I could post the pictures I took during take-off, in violation of international aviation regulations. I’ve done worse, though – when the South African Air Force gave the Pipe Band I was in a lift from Pretoria to Cape Town, in 1991, the C-160 transport plane had windows quite high up inside. I was standing on the seat, looking out, during the whole approach and landing, and escaped with just a dirty look from the loadmaster.

The captain’s just told us that we have half an hour to go before landing, and the weather in Dublin is, well, grotty. Ah, well, I can take it, with my hairy arms and all.


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December 13, 2002 at 11:12 am

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