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Ah, Monday morning with the house to myself, I’ve just been lazing around, watching bits of daytime TV and playing Solitaire on the PC. They’re showing All Creatures Great And Small on RTÉ, which I have never seen before, though I did read all the James Herriot books years ago. I also read a biography of Herriot, whose real name was James Wight, which described the effect that his literary fame had on him, his family and associates, and even on the whole of Yorkshire. Since he was originally from Glasgow and not from Yorkshire, he saw a humorous side to the county and its people that had hitherto gone unnoticed. He certainly didn’t anticipate the immense popularity of his books and the way it changed parts of Yorkshire into traps for American and Japanese tourists.

I didn’t go in to work on Sunday – seeing the office would have the effect of interrupting my holiday. One reason why I might go in is to pick up my mail, since I’m expecting my Engineering course results in the post. You would think they would inform me electronically, but we are talking about a UK educational institution, after all. The same ones who insist that students submit work in the form of handwritten papers sent through the post.

Watching the News, it’s amazing how often we hear politicians and others using phrases like the following:

  • “The reality is…”
  • “The question you need to ask is…”
  • “The point is…”

Whenever I hear one of those, or one like it, I immediately switch off from whatever it is they are saying. Those are examples of “spin”, an attempt to control what people are thinking about or questioning, in addition to the usual control of information, which is bad enough.


Written by brian t

December 16, 2002 at 11:48 am

Posted in books, england, politics

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