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My boss has called me twice in the last two days to ask me stupid questions. The first time he says something like “there is some confusion over your holidays”. Really? I’m not confused in the slightest. I explained that I had been away on training in France for three days, which he knew about but forgot to enter into the HR computer system.

Today he called me to ask whether I had filled in an online form about the company benefit scheme, which had done before I left. Before I hung up I told him, in so many words, that I was on holiday and did not appreciate hearing his voice.

My attitude in cases like this is: I am on holiday, and you are calling me at home because you have a problem which you are trying to offload on to me. Well, I am under no obligation to take any of this off your shoulders, and I am not going to. I’m sure he will try to “discuss” this when I go back to work next week, but I’m ready for him.

Currently on the headphones: Lumpy Gravy, by The Mothers Of Invention. “A little nostalgia for the old folks.”


Written by brian t

December 17, 2002 at 7:14 pm

Posted in music, work

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