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Back to work tomorrow. No doubt I’ll be dumped on from a moderate height about my attitude, the idea that my holiday time is my own and I resent any intrusion. Well, the same attitude affords me more-than-adequate protection against such assaults. I’m at the point, in this job, that I expect my career to move forward. I’ve learned, from experience, that it does not make sense to bow to all corporate demands, since there is no reward for that. The way I see it, I am helping, by example, to shape a more professional attitude at work, by drawing a clear line between work life and personal life.

I’ve heard it said, in different ways over the years, that one should be able to finish one’s work within working hours, and I agree. If you find yourself using personal time for work purposes, that will go unnoticed and unrewarded. Producing high quality work should be a reward in itself, but I’ve found that the main effect of being more “productive” is to be given more work. I’ve said here before that I haven’t seen everything, but I have seen a lot, more than enough to shape my attitude and make me less tolerant towards the arbitrary demands of other people.


Written by brian t

December 22, 2002 at 1:15 pm

Posted in work

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