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I drank too much coffee earlier, so here I am wide awake at 3am on Christmas Day. Last time I did this was when I was about seven, I was too excited by the thought of presents downstairs. Now, though, what does Christmas mean to an atheist? Whatever the other people in your life want it to mean, I suppose, as long as it doesn’t involve any religious activities.

I have taken offline temporarily, but have decided to bring it back up on 1 January 2003 after a clean-up. I’ve had an annoying “blast from the past” that has made me think about how much personal information I’ve been giving out on this site. Who needs the hassle?

That all happened on Monday; but I also received a more pleasant reminder of the old days, when one of my old school friends sent me his new contact details. He’s now a doctor of biochemistry, working for the UK government farming department on research into the Brucella virus. I must reply to him on Friday.

I also got the results of my Open University Engineering Mechanics course: a score in the low 70’s and a second grade pass. I was expecting something in the 60’s, so this is one little victory.

I’ll do a little site cleanup in the next week, maybe cut out a lot of the unnecessary photos which are making it too big. The right-justification is going, too – it looks OK to me, but throws some people off entirely.


Written by brian t

December 25, 2002 at 3:21 am

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