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I’m watching an interesting Discovery Channel documentary on the Pentagon. From the day that the War Department decided it was required, until construction started, took just over 2 months, an incredibly short approval process. Construction started on September 11, 1941, exactly 60 years before terrorists knocked a chunk out of one side, and there used to be a cafe in the central courtyard nicknamed “Ground Zero”.

Most of its systems are in need of major renovation after 60 years: to quote the chief renovation engineer: “whatever building ordinance you name, we’re not in compliance with it.” The section that was hit on September 11 2001 had been renovated, and some estimates suggest that the structural improvements saved over 4000 lives, both in the crash itself, and by the fact that the strengthened surrounding structure stayed in one piece long enough – 45 minutes – for people to get out.

My internal clock is still out of whack, resisting any attempts to wind it back, and I woke up at 2PM this afternoon. I’m going to try to “wrap around” this weekend, staying up tonight till as late tomorrow as possible, at least 2PM, preferably 6PM. More coffee, please…


Written by brian t

December 28, 2002 at 8:26 pm

Posted in america, politics

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