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Just caught the late News here, with two items of interest
to me:

  1. The Government here are going to drastically increase the
    price of cigarettes again, perhaps as high as €8
    (£5 / $8) for a pack of 20. Combined with last
    week’s news that smoking will be banned in pubs and
    restaurants. perhaps as soon as May this year, is further
    evidence that smoking is firmly in the government’s
    I never have smoked, except for one puff when I was 13 or
    so, but I know enough smokers to be going ouch in
    sympathy. I won’t miss it, of course, and if smokers
    really can’t deal with it themselves, what else can you
    do but dissuade them as far as possible?
  2. The Government here are investing large amounts of cash
    in a national broadband internet scheme, though they
    won’t be addressing the “last mile” question, as far as I
    can tell from the short report. Why can’t private firms
    do this, as Qwest and others did in the USA? I understand
    it involves government regulations about telecoms
    competition, naturally.

Written by brian t

February 11, 2003 at 11:10 pm

Posted in internet, ireland, life

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