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I can’t believe the way time is flying: we’re already approaching the end of February. Time flies when you’re having fun… or not. I haven’t been having much fun so far this year, but at least I haven’t been bored.

We’ve been asked to plan our own training schedules for this year, to the extent of digging up times, locations, and costs of any external training we want. OK, I want to go on a Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) Fast Track ( RH300) course in April please, it will cost €2500. Several of our team started salivating when I passed them the details, so there’s a fair chance we can organize it and get a volume discount too.

Later on this year, it will be time to dig in and get a MCSE in Windows Server 2003 (the OS formerly known as .NET). The exams won’t be available until June at the earliest, so that leaves time to prepare etc. A “boot camp” is a possibility, and I have a line on one here in Ireland. Although it could be quite expensive, we are informed that HP has assured Microsoft that thousands of us will be qualified by the end of the year, and we have backing at board level for this. If the money is available, I can suspend thrift and splurge, if it gets the results.


Written by brian t

February 24, 2003 at 1:23 pm

Posted in linux, study, technology, work

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