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We have a visitor in our department, the one member of our team who isn’t in the same physical location as the rest of us: he’s from Moscow, while we’re all here in Dublin. His English is excellent, so no problems on that score, but while he’s an expert on certain things, we’re picking up on holes in his basic knowledge of his field. Either that or our systems are impressing him to the point where he loses sight of the common foundations. We’ll probably drag him to the pub on Thursday and get some Guinness into him, so we can see what he’s really like. That hairdo has got to go, too.

Gym again tonight. I insist. If I can get in to a rhythm over a longer period, maybe I can see more real progress. When I last did it semi-seriously six months ago, I made some real weight losses that haven’t been reversed despite the interim. Spring is nearly here too, no more urge to stay in on dark evenings. Get cracking.


Written by brian t

March 4, 2003 at 5:33 pm

Posted in culture, food, work

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