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What a day – I’ve finally caught up with my work, again – I did so before I went away three weeks ago, but just three working days off threw a spanner in the whole works.

The strange thing about starting gym again is: even though I took time off from it over the holiday season, I got straight back in to it with no detectable performance loss. The rowing machine is my benchmark, but not because the bench leaves a mark on my backside. It gives a distance readout, and I measure how much distance I can travel in ten minutes. My current figure is 2350 metres, which is probably laughable to a fit person, but a sign of genuine improvement on my part.

On the bike it’s slightly different, since I do a course in twenty minutes, but varying the load. Reading a book really helps to keep me un-focused for that long – I find it helps to just pedal away at a constant RPM, let the bike vary the load, and not worry about it consciously.

Good music helps too, but that wasn’t an option last night. Why is it I hear more soul in loud guitars than I do in Soul music? Because Soul is a marketing tag which has lost the connection to its soulful origins.


Written by brian t

March 5, 2003 at 5:38 pm

Posted in life, work

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