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Not much happened for the rest of the week – we did get several Guinness down our comrade from Moscow on Thursday, and a few Bulmers ciders down me, and all paid for by the company too. Not a common occurrence, it happened once last year. I ended up giving impromptu training on a tape drive system on Friday: HP’s newest Ultrium 460 drive may have a silly name, but it’s twice as fast as anything in the market, so much so that the server feeding it has serious trouble keeping up. When everything is up to spec, the drive “streams” at a constant speed, but if the server is too slow in sending data, the drive has to stop, rewind, and start again, as if stuck in stop-go traffic.

Half-watching TV as I write this, there’s something on that is almost beyond words, and not in a good way. It’s called Reborn In The USA, and features some “has-been” British pop stars doing a 7-stop tour of the USA. The stars mostly seem to be getting in to the spirit of things, having fun, but one threw a fit and walked out before the first stop, to be quickly replaced by someone who was on standby. One of them was a child star and is in his early 20’s; the others are older and seem to have stopped for family reasons, not primarily because they fell off the charts. One of them is Tony Hadley from Spandau Ballet, who had been changing nappies (diapers) between sets on Top Of The Pops, then just decided that his kids were more important after falling out with the band.

Unfortunately, this appears to be by the same people behind Big Brother, so we have the same Geordie presenter (Davina somebody), a crap theme tune, and an artificial “voting-off” element that will destroy any team spirit before it develops. At least it will be the audience that does the elimination, and not the other contestants. Hadley and a couple of the others seem like they could have a future, but the rest… pure lounge circuit. I’m only giving it cursory attention because I recognise some of the stars, frankly.

I’d never heard of Gina G before; she’s just told the story of how she appeared on the Eurovision Song Contest, had a couple of singles in the Top 10, and then had her career killed by a dodgy contract that stopped her releasing anything for three years. Which explains why I’ve never heard of her – how many times have we heard the story of the music industry ripping the rug out from under the very people it depends on? This time around, she’s a dead cert, if only for the dress, which had the cameraman dropping lenses on the floor. This is a real train wreck of a program, and I hope some of the former stars actually come out of it with some dignity intact.


Written by brian t

March 8, 2003 at 11:41 pm

Posted in culture, england, humour, music

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