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I have recently seen news reports about the proceedings of the Morris Tribunal. The Tribunals are Ireland’s version of public legal enquiries. Never mind that the fact that this “tribunal” has only one presiding member, Justice Fred Morris – this is Ireland, after all, such considerations are academic. The “terms of reference” page on that website has the fundamental details of why it was started. It appears to involve the Garda (police) in Donegal, some of whom may have been faking bomb hoaxes, planting fake bombs and bomb materials, then finding them and taking the glory. There have also been threatening phone calls and an arson attack, just to complicate matters, and more juicy details can be found if you search Google.

I thought no more about it until I saw a sign in our office complex for the Tribunal; it’s being held in the office literally next door to ours. What are the chances of bomb hoaxes or worse as a result of this? If this site doesn’t get an update for a week or more without warning, it may mean that someone has trucked in a few barrels of fertilizer mixed with fuel oil, and had a little impromptu fireworks party. Going out with a bang, as it were.


Written by brian t

March 23, 2003 at 5:35 pm

Posted in ireland, politics

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