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Got my paycheck today with a nice surprise, the “performance-related” bonus that’s been talked about for a while. I think I know what I might spend it on, too: a new PDA.

I’ve had my old HP Jornada 545 for two years now, a bargain since I bought it factory-refurbished from Morgan Computers in London. My digital camera (Nikon Coolpix 880) was a similar bargain, from the same place, I suspect it was sent back because it has one (1) dead pixel in the LCD, which has nothing whatsoever to do with the picture quality.

I bought the Jornada 545 before the HP / Compaq merger was announced, but was still the butt of a few jokes later. “Trying to get in with the new bosses, eh?” It’s tough, and has survived some nasty knocks that would mean the end of an iPaq, but the problem I have with it is its size. Its screen is tiny, and it has no keyboard. The next step up is the Jornada 720 family, but they’re still horrifically expensive, even though their specifications are now outdated.

That’s been it, till now, but my interest has been raised by the new Samsung Nexio S160, which is looking like the very thing I’m after. It may be slightly too large, I’ll need to make a few measurements, but the screen is that much bigger. The keyboard is optional, they say, but I’d definitely want that. Excellent for commuting, since you can get some real work done, especially if a wireless internet connection is available. (On a train? That’s exactly what Amtrak are doing in the USA.)

By the time it gets to Europe, though, I wonder what the price will be like? The news is never good on that count.


Written by brian t

March 25, 2003 at 4:40 pm

Posted in economics, technology, work

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