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Wow… I’ve been watching the Brazilian Formula One Grand Prix, and quite frightening it was too. They’ve changed the rules this year, which appears to have broken the recent Ferrari dominance, and McLaren is doing very well. But this race was held under very wet conditions, which really threw a spanner into the works. At one point, two drivers went off at the same corner, at high speed, and it was luck there was no major collision. A lap later, Michael Schumacher also went off at the same corner, while a front-end loader was on the track removing the other two cars. It was sheer luck that a small variation in traction didn’t send him into the loader or the other cars.

Another car’s front suspension shattered at top speed, sending him into the back of another car. The race was stopped immediately after a major shunt spread debris across the track, which another car collided into. The second driver, Fernando Alonso, was credited with third place, based on his position at the end of the previous lap, but was slightly injured in the shunt, so he didn’t appear on the podium or in interviews. Real edge-of-the-seat stuff – now I’m off for a bath to try to calm down a bit…


Written by brian t

April 6, 2003 at 7:34 pm

Posted in motorsport

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