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If Marko’s reading this – hi, you’re in the right place. The temporary-farewell party last night was great, though I’m suffering slightly today, one side of my head is filled with gunk and my voice is blown from shouting in a smoky atmosphere. Off you go – don’t let US Customs stop you, and don’t break the Grizzlies, they didn’t do anything to deserve it.

The last two days have been chocolate madness. Not only did everyone in the building receive a small Easter Egg for free, the social club gave its members a large one each. A few minutes ago the girlfriend of a Belgian colleague of ours lumbered off a plane from Brussels, loaded with more Belgian chocolate eggs and slabs for us. Diet? What Diet? Today should be renamed from Good Friday to Fat Friday.

I did actually buy a book on the 3D Studio Max software, and I’m starting to work my way through it. It will take some time, months at the rate I’m going, though I’m in no particular rush. As I said, it’s a field I should be involved in, a natural extension of my other interests. I should get some more done this weekend, if I can get the chocolate off my fingers.

Written by brian t

April 18, 2003 at 5:06 pm

Posted in food

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