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Earlier this evening I went to an open audition for movie extras, for the forthcoming film King Arthur, chunks of which are being filmed in Ireland in the second half of this year. Not much of an audition – a few details, some measurements, and a photo. Still, they wanted people with long hair and beards; I haven’t had a haircut since last December, and as for the beard, well, I heard about the audition two weeks ago and stopped shaving. That’s all it takes for me to look like Cousin Itt. The beard’s coming off in a few minutes time: even if I get the part, filming only starts in June at the earliest, more likely August.

The film, apparently, is aiming for a realistic portrayal of King Arthur and his times; which means 5th or 6th century, Saxons, and the dregs of the Roman Empire. There will be no magic, but I suspect there will be some tribal aspects to the story, and apparently the Knights of the Round Table were Russian mercenaries. Currently, Clive Owen (Croupier, Gosford Park) is cast as King Arthur.

The director? Antoine Fuqua, who made the acclaimed Training Day a few years ago. Here’s his take on his new project:

“I don’t want to piss anybody off, but it’s going to be edgy! This is Arthur before Camelot. It’s before he became the king so it’s going to be a much more realistic version of what Arthur really was about, much more human. We’re going to have thousands and thousands of Saxon warriors and big battle scenes like “Braveheart” and “Gladiator”. I think choreography and horses and safety are going to be the biggest headache! It’s a fantastic project to do. It’s a dream to make a big epic film about a great legend”


Written by brian t

April 29, 2003 at 8:36 pm

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