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As I’ve said before, keeping this blog has been quite an eye-opener on a few topics, most notably on how incredibly opinionated I can be. Some topics produce an instant response; but with others it can take me some time to build up a head of steam before I can spout off. These are usually topics with wider scientific or cultural importance. One major topic you can expect in the next few weeks will be that of marketing and advertising, and my personal “shit list” of companies whose products I avoid due to their marketing practices.

It’s also possible to spot wider trends in marketing that transcend companies or industries, the most recent I suppose being the increased nudity and sexuality in advertisements, even where it’s not required. Women are usually seen running around naked for products aimed at men, but recently it’s happening all over, even for products aimed at women (depilatories etc.) – what does that mean?

It’s disturbing… but people have been feeling that way about trends in advertising for as long as there has been advertising. It wasn’t too long ago in the USA when the presence of African-Americans in mainstream commercials was sailing too close to the wind. More on this later. Meanwhile, here’s a relatively “quick” op-ed segment:

I’ve been enjoying The Job quite a lot, up till the last episode shown here on Wednesday. On further investigation, I’ve found out that I’ve seen all 13 episodes of this series that were ever made. It was reportedly too racy for prime time TV in the USA, but they’ve had no qualms showing it here, which must be down to Denis Leary’s Irish-American origins. Maybe Leary should move the production to Dublin?

It’s sometimes derivative of Leary’s other work, mostly No Cure For Cancer and Lock And Load, and Leary seems to relish the opportunity to throw in bits from those shows, e.g. getting hooked on cough syrup as a replacement for alcohol. “I’m high as a kite, and my teeth are green… ” It’s far from a Leary-fest, though, since the producers assembled a strong ensemble cast, and the banter flows thick and fast. The production aims for a realistic feel, with most scenes filmed in one take with one camera, and no laugh track – refreshing. Strangeness abounds, such as cops having their car stolen by ten-year-olds, and the Central Park soup vendor whose girlfriend was, um, directly involved in his business.

I’m a little ambivalent about Leary’s comedy work, but when he’s on top form, he’s really something to hear. I can recommend Lock And Load straight away, if only for the rants about Coffee, Beer, and the Pope, and he even gets a chance to do a rock song about the Voices In My Head that tell him to go out and shoot other people.

“If there’s something wrong on the inside, how come I look so good on the outside?”
“Because you’re Satan?”
“Could be.”


Written by brian t

May 9, 2003 at 4:06 pm

Posted in america, humour, television

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