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A suitable link for today: the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement (pronounced “vehement”). That may give you some idea of the kind of week I’m having.

Actually, I’ve known about this philosophy for years, and though I wouldn’t call myself a “subscriber” or a “member”, they were the first to put a name to an opinion I’ve had for a very long time. I get a little annoyed when I hear about people having children without a thought for the long-term future, or just through negligence. In my case, my parents did seem to like the idea, but lost interest when they realized it’s not like Hollywood.

It’s not at all misanthropic as a philosophy, though it’s understandable that it attracts misanthropes-in-training like myself. Put it this way: while parenthood is the reason we are here, in an evolutionary sense, you only have to look at the animal world to see the consequences of overpopulation. While the lemming “suicide” myth is just that – a myth – they’re an example of a species where over-breeding triggers mass migrations, during which billions of their number are killed.

Do we want a similar fate? That’s what will happen if we carry on the way we are now. The site has responses to the most common objections, but they aren’t out to preach or convert people, just to present an alternative way of thinking about this world and our place in it.


Written by brian t

May 15, 2003 at 3:40 pm

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