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More on the Post-War Iraq question will surely appear here in future, but I’m obviously too far away to appreciate the magnitude of the problem there. Reading a LA Times report about what happened in a Baghdad psychiatric hospital got Jerry Pournelle hopping mad, and he wrote a short piece: Iraq, Democracy, and Americans as Akbar:

Is there any other “civilized” city in the whole flipping WORLD where an invading army is seen as the opportunity to go pillage a psychiatric hospital and rape the patients? … What kind of people are we “liberating”???? … Me, I am beginning to think we had better IMPOSE some civilized rules of order on these people. Maybe we ought to restrict the vote to the women?

As he freely admits, he was fuming when he wrote that, but he may have a point. Maybe I’m a “pussywhipped new man” or something, but some of the things done by “tribal” men leave me going “what the fcuk?”


Written by brian t

May 16, 2003 at 5:57 pm

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