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No forms from the bank yet – and that’s all there’s been to report this week. After I called them on Tuesday, and they closed the account, I took a little pleasure from the credit card destruction procedure. That’s not all I’m expecting, of course, and if they try to pin the fraudulent transactions on me, they’ve lost my business, at the very least.

I’m off to our lab now to do a job that epitomizes the kind of work we do here. I’m taking our main lab “cluster” (two servers plus a shared storage enclosure) down to do maintenance (change the storage enclosure), and also to move it a little higher in the rack to make room for another server beneath it.

On the one hand: shutting it down needs to be managed fairly carefully, and bringing it back up even more so, and one or more things will almost certainly go wrong and need fixing. While it’s down, though, I’ll be physically shifting the hardware and fumbling around inside the rack with nuts and bolts. I’m dressed appropriately, thank goodness. The only people who wear ties in this building are visitors or those heading out the door for interviews with other companies.


Written by brian t

May 20, 2003 at 9:34 am

Posted in technology, work

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