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Not much time to update the blog in the last few days, yet not much noteworthy has occurred. I’ve been on a training course, but in my building. My regular work has been continuing as normal in between sessions – before, after, and during “lunch” breaks, with maybe twenty minutes for myself. I barely managed to squeeze in coffee and a muffin today, between analyzing system logs and packing a rack-mountable monitor to go back to Austria.

Right now I’m playing Rickie Lee Jones, great for late nights. Otherwise, this week has been occupied by Level 42, so far. There’s a new film out called It Runs In The Family, starring three generations of the Douglas family – Kirk, Michael, Cameron – and that got me humming Level 42’s Running In The Family. That album, as well as A Physical Presence, are in the collection I retrieved from England this month, and the songs on Running In The Family were immediately familiar again. It’s a bright album, with a sparkling mid-80’s production, yet with plenty of old-fashioned sounds mixed in, such as analog synth, and Mark King’s idiosyncratic bass. They were all fans of Weather Report and the Mahavishnu Orchestra, and it shows through.

Then there are the songs: I wouldn’t advise reading the lyrics if depressed, frankly. The title track is about how we are doomed to repeat the mistakes of our parents, Children Say laments the death of idealism, there are several “end of the affair” songs, and then there’s The Sleepwalkers, about how we go through life in a daze. Yet it’s still a sprightly up-tempo album, full of excellent musicianship, especially Phil Gould’s drum work, and King’s voice is at its best. He still runs Level 42, who are touring here later this year. I might go and see them, since drummer Gary Husband is involved, he’s very worth hearing too.


Written by brian t

May 21, 2003 at 9:20 pm

Posted in bass, music

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