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Wonderful. I’ve just found out that there are transactions, on one of my credit card accounts, that aren’t mine. This includes a £1000 cash withdrawal that took place in Sheffield while I wasn’t even in England. There is also a huge restaurant bill, a huge hotel bill, and what appears to be three plane tickets, totalling another £1200 or so.

While I have my doubts about the cash withdrawal, the other items don’t appear to be fraudulent – it would be a rather dim conman who logged such easily traceable items. If the police get involved, they can easily get the person details from the hotel and restaurant, and using a plane ticket requires photo ID, which is logged.

I’ve reported it to the bank, and they’re sending some forms out to me. The account was closed immediately, of course, and they can transfer the balance to another account of mine. I have been paying £10 a month on a “payment protection plan”, so let’s see if that is worth anything.


Written by brian t

May 27, 2003 at 4:28 pm

Posted in economics, life

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