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The Vmware training I am aiming to attend in Germany has been rescheduled to the very end of June. I had planned to attend only the second part of the course, since the first part is the same as I attended last December in France, but there’s now talk of my being there for that too. Not as a trainee, but as an assistant to the trainer, who will be giving this course for the first time. He’s one of my new Virtual Team colleagues, from pre-merger HP in England, so I’ve never met him, but I do know he has little experience with either the Vmware products or the hardware we’ll be using them on. He’s been assigned because he can be spared to travel around Europe giving the training, and I can’t.

The trainer for this course was supposed to be someone from Vmware in the USA, but the new schedule was put together by a Europrat who didn’t know about the 4th of July, and all the Americans want to be at home for that. So, our guy is off to the USA on a “train the trainer” course, after which he’ll be heading to Germany to give the course to a tough audience (me).

I guessed back in January that this year will be Europe Year for me, since I have not seen much of it at all. Well, the new course schedule leaves me with one free week before my previously scheduled holiday in Scotland, so this gives me a chance to see Germany for the first time. The course is in Ratingen (near Düsseldorf), so from there I think I’ll take the train across central Germany to Berlin. I have some musician contacts in Bielefeld who I might drop in on too, if they’re available. Alternatively, I might head south, to Munich or even into Switzerland or Austria, to see a little of the Alps.

I might have to visit a travel agent, though, a look at the official German rail website shows that it’s a bit difficult to navigate. Before you can even get a price, you have to register, using a form that’s all in German, asking for credit card numbers. No thanks. I might just go for one of those Eurorail passes that gives unlimited travel for a period. Taking overnight trains might save on hotels, too.


Written by brian t

June 1, 2003 at 2:20 pm

Posted in germany, linux, work

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