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An article in The Register today starts off with the premise that “most bloggers are teenage girls”, proposes that there are a lot of middle-aged men posing as teenage girls, then ends up suggesting that blogging is a good idea for them, since it keeps them off the streets. I thought about replying to the author, but I’m not going to bother – he’s got his opinions in pre-cast concrete. “Oh, look, another sad male blogger looking for personal validation”.

Of course, he’s writing for The Register, which is a typical British ripoff of a good idea, specifically of Slashdot, the primary geek news site in the USA. While The Register is quite useful for facts, their editorials have a sneering tone straight out of one of Rupert Murdoch’s tabloids. This article was apparently written by an American, but he certainly chose the right outlet for his “work”.

He did get one thing right: “Interesting people write interesting blogs.” I have no idea whether or not I fall into that category, and I’d be the last to know if I did. I find all of this blog, from day zero, highly readable, but that might say more about me than it does about the blog. (I have to read it all occasionally, because I’m still finding spelling and grammar mistakes, and correcting them – hardly a typical blogger concern.)

I call this a Blog, because Journal sounded a bit too ambitious, but this is not a specialized blog website, just pages on my own general website. Writing and maintaining this site takes a bit more work than just filling in a form, as on the blogger sites, but it’s good practice and allows me to do strange things like the b3ta bodges. Yet the time involved doesn’t cut significantly into my reading time.

I’m definitely a better writer now, compared to when I started this. A more reader-friendly one, too. No worries, mate.


Written by brian t

June 3, 2003 at 9:22 am

Posted in blogging, internet

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