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The following is from a Jabber conversation with a colleague from Moscow a few minutes ago:

  • [17:41]<comrade> Hello, is (manager) left completely?
  • [17:41]<me> Yes, he’s completely left.
  • [17:42]<me> He must be left, because he is never right.
  • [17:42]<comrade> not good to tell it about manager…. he’s always right :o)
  • [17:43]<me> Oh. Now you tell me…
  • [17:43]<comrade> this is my opinion
  • [17:43]<comrade> :o))
  • [17:43]<me> Left or right, he’ll be back tomorrow.
  • [17:43]<comrade> agree
  • [17:43]<me> He might be front tomorrow, too.

I can’t say I’m losing it: that would imply that I actually had it in the first place.


Written by brian t

June 19, 2003 at 5:50 pm

Posted in humour, work

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